nagoya playing

大熊美央  |   Okuma Mio

コロナ禍での名古屋城の新しい「あそび」を提案します。名古屋城の広い敷地を使った体験型企画です。歴史的な価値はもちろん、人々が集うランドマークとしての存在価値も感じていただけたら嬉しいです。名古屋城に慣れ親しんでいる人も、きっと新しい発見があると思います。「近くて遠い、遠くて近い」感覚をnagoya playingで味わってみてください。

I designed a new experiential “game” like an encampment battle game that can be played in the spacious site of Nagoya Castle while keeping “social distance,” which has become familiar to us in the Covid-19 health crisis. Each player wears 2-meter-wide clothes and inevitably maintains social distance each other. Furthermore, by adding inconvenient rules such as “player must communicate with other team members by messages written on a piece of paper” during the game, I tried to convert inconvenience into enjoyment. Hopefully, players can feel a sense of “close but far and far but close” through “nagoya playing.”

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